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Safety Tips

Holt Welding Solutions is dedicated to maintaining nothing but the highest standards of workplace safety. The following are a few general safety precautions that all welding professionals should practice:
  • Make sure that a reliable, operable fire extinguisher is nearby at all
  • To prevent a fire or an accident, make sure that hot, rejected electrode
    stubs, steel scraps or tools are not left on the floor or around the
    welding equipment.
  • Before welding or cutting, take a look around and make sure that
    everyone in close proximity is wearing proper clothing and goggles.
  • Make sure that all flammable materials (i.e. cotton, gasoline, oil, etc)
    have been cleared from the welding area.
  • After every operation, donâ��t forget to mark all hot metal with soap
    stone or a similar type of material.
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